Owners Manual

Business Succession Planning

Thinking about retirement, selling your business or preparing your successor? Handing over the reigns is not easy, but developing a business succession plan before you need one brings more than peace of mind, it increases the value of your company & maintains it through any planned or unplanned transition. We will work together to build your Owner’s Manual, a roadmap of people, processes, systems and opportunities that ensure the success of the company with or without you.


Strategy & Business Plan Development

Are you ready to start leading your business more strategically? Getting away from the day-to-day of business to focus on strategy is the desire of most business leaders, but not the reality. It takes time and resources to build a strategic plan or a business plan linked to strategic targets. Time that organizations don’t have to give, and for many, the lack of experience in the process prevents them from getting started at all. We walk you through the process and do all the work for you so future planning is easy and achieving proactive results becomes your reality.


Operations Improvement

Operational Improvement

Is your operation, sales process, and organization properly aligned with your goals? Time changes everything, but it’s more common for the business to adapt to change with add-ons rather than systematic improvements. Over time, processes lose alignment with one another, and with customer expectations. Stepping back to take a fresh look not only improves cohesiveness, it improves profitability. We identify weak points, strengths and opportunities and work with your team to adjust the system, strengthen it and make it more agile.