Lisa Woods

With more than 20 years experience successfully leading, managing and driving growth in the corporate world, today Lisa utilizes her expertise to help strengthen the infrastructure of small to mid size businesses, working directly with owners interested in taking their company to the next level.  Click Here to Request a Free Consultation In addition to her work as a strategic consultant, she is the founder of, a popular online professional development resource utilized by over 350k Leaders and Managers. Here she brings together a select group of 30+ thought leaders who share her vision of educating organizations to become more profitable & successful from the ground up.


President & General Manager Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics A $250M division of Saint-Gobain Corporation, one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world & world leader in the habitat and construction markets. Director Global Sales & Marketing Saint-Gobain Composites Market Development Manager – Industrial Products Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics Director Marketing & Inside Sales Caplugs Division, Protective Closures/Mark IV Industries Marketing Manager Flexovit Abrasives


BA in Corporate Communication Canisius College Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Canisius College International Management Seminar Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) “Developing & Managing a Successful Technology & Product Strategy” “Strategic Decision Making” Operational Management Seminar 1st Module The Hay Group, Professors from Insead & CRNS held in Como Italy “Conducting Business Across Cultures” “The Management of Organizational Change” “The Manager and his Influence on Change” Operational Management Seminar 2nd Module Professors from Insead, CNRS & University of Mannheim held in Paris France “The Financial Dimension of Management” “Customer Excellence” “Managing Change”


Lisa’s ability to ask questions and listen allows her to quickly diagnose opportunities within an organization. She partners with business leaders to understand their vision, identify internal and external roadblocks, define a practical strategic path forward and guide a successful transformation. Throughout her career Lisa sought out and successfully integrated strategic acquisitions, prepared organizations for potential buyers, rejuvenated operations/systems/personnel to achieve aggressive growth and profit goals, as well as started up new business ventures that ultimately lead their industry. Her approach is not about cost cutting or efficiency planning- it’s about strategic focus, communication, momentum, spending/acting strategically across all areas of an organization in order to generate increasing results. An important aspect of this approach is to document change for continuous improvement, which creates the independence and ability to grow profitably. For small to mid-size companies, this independence is necessary for business owners to move away from the day-to-day, but difficult to achieve without support. Lisa will work with you to achieve that independence.

Industry Experience

Lisa has worked with the following industries: Abrasives Aerospace Automotive Big-Box Retail Boating Ceramics & Coatings Composites Construction Dip Molding Distribution EHS Engineering Fabrication Industrial Products Injection Molding Manufacturing Plastics Roofing Service Providers Textiles Trucking Wind Energy  

International Experience

Although Lisa has conducted business in all parts of the world, the following countries are where she spent her time, and managed people, processes and/or operations: USA Canada Mexico Brazil UK France Belgium Italy Spain India China Japan

What You Can Expect

Partnership Lisa will live and breath your business along with you; an executive support system to bounce ideas off of, facilitate projects, or provide strategic direction when needed. Visibility All parties will be kept up to speed on progress and process. Clarity Lisa will ensure decisions are easy to make, implement and support throughout your organization. Results We will work together to establish and achieve metrics, deliverables, timelines and profit goals. Independence We will build the tools and momentum needed for you and your team to succeed on your own.