Kevin Ayers
Supply Chain Manager at Arizona Chemical

“I had the privilege to be a plant manager and work under her leadership when Lisa Woods came to Saint Gobain Technical Fabrics as the President and General Manager. Lisa brought a distinct and well defined strategy for improved success to our business’ bottom line. She was able to accomplish this because Lisa possesses the natural ability to enter a business, grasp its intricacies in a short amount of time, get to the root cause of the challenge and fix the situation by using her business acumen and empowering those around her to work toward a common goal. Lisa is diligent in performing her tasks and responsibilities in a way that is contagious to those around her. As a true leader, Lisa has many positive qualities but the most admirable in my mind is her ability to be determined and strong minded in her decision making yet be kind and compassionate to those around her.”

Phil Harmon
COO Carter Mario Injury Lawyers

“Lisa is a talented business leader who has worked across multiple cultures all around the world. She understands how to accomplish significant business issues impacting results, while being a strong and well respected leader that employees rally around.  I had the great fortune to work with Lisa over a six year period in two different businesses, during that time she consistently demonstrated an innate ability to quickly diagnose and assess the key gaps in the business and put action plans in place to address those weaknesses.  As an example, Lisa restructured and redefined a global sales network to better address market needs realigning the focus from an internal product orientation, in turn this led to growth opportunities with the development of products better suited to the marketplace.  Lisa brings an arsenal of skills to the game of business and sets the bar to which others aspire.”

William Dubay
Interim Director of Operations for the Curran Company

“I have had the unique opportunity to work both with and for Lisa on multiple turnaround and refocusing projects within a Global Fortune 200 company. In each case Lisa brought an uncanny ability to quickly understand the business, define the critical elements needed refocus the business and set defined milestones to achieve the desired results. Lisa’s strong leadership skills quickly organized and motivated her team to deliver outstanding results.”

Benvenuto Casati
Logistics Planning Manager at Oderbrecht Agro

“I worked with Lisa at Saint Gobain Technical Fabrics where I had the opportunity to interact with her to formulate and evaluate the strategy for Latin America, the region I was responsible for. She has a lot of energy and knows how to identify the relevant points of a business strategy. She helped me to create effective and successful sales plans by connecting the Division´s resources and objectives with my region needs. Because I was far from the headquarters I always count on her to have updated information about strategy, processes and product innovation. Besides her business acumen it was her vision and willingness to listen that brought the best results in the time we worked together.”

Ken Hammond
V.P. Sales US ergoCentric Seating Systems

“As President of Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics, Lisa was responsible for all company functions including Production, Sales, Marketing, and Finance.  With 7 manufacturing facilities spread throughout North America, all with unique capabilities, part of Lisa’s expertise was her ability to very quickly and effectively understand and diagnose the issues around the business.  Lisa was able to not only set the overall strategy of the company but also implement practical, day to day tactics to ensure the strategic goals were met. She spearheaded an overhaul of our Marketing program as she understood our market position and how to best leverage our assets.  She was able to distill this into a crystalized message that resonated with potential customers.  As a Sales leader she was an extremely motivating force to the sales team and personally acted as a mentor to me as my career progressed.  Lisa is a true professional with the capacity to quickly understand and turn around an organization.”