Business Succession Planning – Overview


Thinking about retirement, selling your business or preparing your successor?

Handing over the reigns is not easy, but developing a business succession plan before you need one brings more than peace of mind, it increases the value of your company & maintains it through any planned or unplanned transition.

Think of a Business Succession Plan as an Owner’s Manual, a roadmap of people, processes, systems and opportunities that ensure the success of the company with or without you.

Building your Owner’s Manual is an important addition to your Estate Planning process…

  • it strengthens the foundation of your company
  • it increase the opportunities you have to transition your company successfully
  • it increases confidence among your team, your customers and prospective leadership
  • it opens the door for growth today
  • it increases your company’s value by focusing on what works well in your organization, and improving what doesn’t
  • it allows you to think strategically about your business and get away from the day-to-day
  • it becomes Your Owner’s Manual, to drive your business forward


Business Succession Planning Process – Owner’s Manual Diagram

Building an Owner’s Manual for Your Business – Frequently Asked Questions

Building an Owner’s Manual for Your Business – Custom Tools

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