Building an Owner’s Manual for Your Business – Custom Tools


There are six different components to the Owner’s Manual each delivering a different tool customized for your business:


#1 Business Story:

  • A comprehensive updatable Word document detailing the history, status, value and potential value of your business. This may be used to educate investors, banks, or potential buyers, as well as create a framework for your leadership team to use as a benchmark during the strategic planning process.


#2 Key Employee Manual:

  • An Excel based system that allows your management team to rate jobs within their departments, prioritize them and plan for their successors.
  • An Excel based system that allows your management team to build development plans for employees to support and/or transition to key positions within their teams.


#3 Systematic Approach to the Day-to-Day:

  • A PowerPoint schematic of your businesses process flow, from customer acquisition to fulfillment. This can be used to streamline improvements and train employees.


#4 Employee Retention Plan:

  • An educational system profiling potential benefits, insurance policies, contracts, incentive plans and perks aligned with your business goals including calculators to run scenarios and decide on options to make available for key employees.
  • An Excel based system that allows managers to develop retention/incentive packages for their team, get approval and generate contracts creating a comprehensive database of employee requirements at the time of any “Event”.


#5 What If Scenarios:

  • A consolidated PowerPoint schematic of your Will, Operating Agreements, Trusts, Board & Management Responsibilities and Owners Plan of Action, providing a clear roadmap given different “Event” scenarios making it easy for viewers to keep moving forward and implement your wishes. For example we can consolidate 100 pages of legal documents into a 15 page schematic of what to do, when and whom to involve.


#6 Business Strategy Options:

  • A compilation of Current and Potential Business Strategies, Partnerships, Potential Buyers, Expansion Opportunities and Contingency Plans to be used as a guide for your team and others in the case of an “Event”.


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