Building an Owner’s Manual for Your Business – FAQ

Owners Manual (book)

What is it?

The Owner’s Manual is a Roadmap for your business that is used by key personnel, new ownership or your family in the event you walk away, for a week, a year, or forever.


Why is it important?

Planning for the future allows your business to retain and increase in value, providing you with more options for transition: partnerships, new ownership, new leadership, new direction


How is it different than Estate Planning?

As a component of the Owner’s Manual, your Will, Trusts, Operating Agreements and Action Plans are condensed into a visual how-to guide in the event of different “What if” scenarios, providing a simplified roadmap for your loved ones to follow. Everything is linked back to original legal documents and prepared in collaboration with your legal and tax counsel.


What if I don’t want to sell my business?

The Owner’s Manual is not about selling your business, it’s about securing and increasing the long term value of your business with or without you. It’s about streamlining your vision with systems and planning so that your customers, your employees, your family and your successor (whomever/whenever that may be) feel secure. It’s about making your business agile so you can do what you want to do with confidence.


What is Succession Planning?

Succession planning has several components: Business Planning for Growth, for Crisis such as an economic downturn or unplanned event, for Employee development and Key Position planning, as well as ownership transitions such as retirement, a sale or merger. The owners manual addresses all of these by understanding your vision and building tools to maintain an ongoing process that sets your team and organization up for success.


Why hire an outsider to build my Owner’s Manual?

This is a time consuming and highly confidential process that requires a level of focus and expertise outside of your business’s day-to-day function. Although members of your team will participate in various projects within the Manual, bringing it together for the business owner should not be a distraction. Similar to an outside Legal or Tax adviser, having confidential Strategic advice will provide the tools & support you need to increase your company’s value and retain it through any “Event”.


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