Operational Improvement – Overview


Is your operation, sales process, and organization properly aligned with your goals?

Time changes everything, but it’s more common for the business to adapt to change with add-ons rather than systematic improvements. Over time, processes lose alignment with one another, and with customer expectations. Stepping back to take a fresh look not only improves cohesiveness, it improves profitability.

Think of our Operational Assessment as a visual process flow from customer expectations, sales commitments, operational response and support systems, all the way through to customer complaints & delivery delays. We identify weak points, strengths and opportunities and work with your team to adjust the system, strengthen it and make it more agile.

An Operational Assessment is an important tool for business leaders to drive the business forward…

  • it breaks down silos by visibly depicting relationships that must exist to succeed
  • it identifies pivotal areas that need to be addressed to achieve objectives
  • it provides a management tool that holds people accountable to a cohesive business goal
  • it brings a customer focus to all aspects of the business
  • it facilitates a streamlining process to eliminate tasks and costs misaligned with objectives
  • it creates a benchmark for continuous improvement, ensuring future add-ons are systematically implemented around a common cause
  • it makes investment decisions clear & justified
  • it creates an agile organization, able to respond to demand fluctuations with ease


Operational Improvement – Process Diagram

Operational Improvement Process – Frequently Asked Questions

Operational Improvement Process – Custom Tools

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