Strategy & Business Plan Development – Overview

Are you ready to start leading your business more strategically?

Getting away from the day-to-day of business to focus on strategy is the desire of most business leaders, but not the reality. It takes time and resources to build a strategic plan or a business plan linked to strategic targets. Time that organizations don’t have to give, and for many, the lack of experience in the process prevents them from getting started at all.

Our pragmatic approach to Strategic Planning involves your entire team, but with little impact to their schedules. We meet with Key People individually, document the current state of the business, conduct market research, review proactive opportunities and create the framework for a detailed strategic plan everyone can implement. We walk you through the process and do all the work for you so future planning is easy and achieving proactive results becomes your reality.

A Strategic Business Plan is an important tool for business leaders to drive the business forward…

  • it sets the tone of the organization and gets everyone focused on the same objectives
  • it moves the company in one direction and prevents sliding back into old habits
  • it helps to make investment decisions linked to your future
  • it serves as the basis for setting individual & department objectives throughout the organization
  • it is a benchmark for planning each year and tracking progress
  • it establishes assumptions that you can track and modify
  • it serves as a tool to hold your team accountable so you can continue to think and act strategically


Strategy & Business Plan Development – Process Diagram

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