Strategy & Business Plan Development – Custom Tools


What are the “Custom Tools” I will receive from this process?


Business Snapshot Report:

  • A PowerPoint analysis of your current business strategy in action, what is working, not working, any discrepancies as to where the business is going and where you want it to go, we review your current customer trends, product/services and organizational/cost structure, as well as pinpoint opportunities for alignment.


Market Evaluation:

  • A PowerPoint analysis of your industry, competitors, products, trends & customer groups. We will propose opportunities and strategies to consider.


Strategic Plan:

  • A PowerPoint/Excel file that defines your direction, the impact it has on each area of the business, expectations and timelines for change.


Business Plan:

  • PowerPoint/Excel file detailing the operational plans for each area of your business aligned with the strategic plan in order to implement it effectively and on-time.


Management Tools:

  • A project matrix with accountability and timelines for implementing the plan, milestones and metrics to manage your team, incentive strategies to motivate and reward your team, as well as a communication plan to roll out your strategy and keep the momentum alive.


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Strategy & Business Plan Development – Process Diagram

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