Strategy & Business Plan Development – Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?

  • A Strategic Plan is a detailed view of the business, where it is today and where leadership plans to take it. It addresses all aspects of the business and outlines desired outcomes each of the 3-5 years included in the Plan.
  • A Business Plan details the actions that must be taken by each area of the business in order to achieve the Strategic Outcomes. The first year of the business plan is fully implementable and measured, the following years are to be adjusted with real data as the years progress.


Why is it important?

The planning process creates focus, accountability and a proactive momentum for the business. Without a plan the business can get stuck reacting to current conditions while competitors take the lead.


Is this process a training session where we go offsite for a few days and do all the work?

No, our process is fully integrated to build the plan for you with your input, vetting options and getting buy-in along the way. We may agree that an offsite is a good way to roll it out to the full team once complete, but that is up to you.


Is this process going to interrupt my operation? What will be expected from my staff?

Lisa will work with your team one-on-one so to limit any business interruption. The expectation of staff will be to explain the current strategy from their perspective, raise concerns and propose solutions. As we build the action plans each staff member will be heavily involved in putting their portion together with Lisa’s support. In many cases she will customize templates for your team and upload the data with their input and approval.


What if I already have a strategic plan?

It is common for a business to have a strategic plan, but is that plan going to lead to success? Is it communicated throughout the organization? Are there conflicting priorities preventing the plan’s implementation? Our process can resolve these issues for you. We will take your plan and vet it, work with your team to answer questions, build action plans and ensure your strategy becomes reality.


Why hire an outsider to facilitate our Strategy & Business Plan Development?

  • Time: Building an effective and implementable strategy/business plan takes time away from the day-to-day, we overcome that by doing the work for you, with your input.
  • Experience: Successful Business planning is a combined skill of Marketing/Operations/Finance and Management. With over 20 years of experience, Lisa can provide the support and tools you need to drive your business forward.


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