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Understand The Role You Play In Leadership

Do you always know which decision is the right decision?

A True Leader Knows There Is No Right Answer….and finds strength in that.

There are many traits that define leadership, but one that stands out is the ability to know there is no right way of doing something.  When at a crossroads with a choice of going straight, left, right, staying put or Read more

Ego in the Workplace

Is YOUR EGO helping or hurting good decision-making?

We all have egos, even those of us that swear we don’t (those people are probably the worst offenders).  So, is ego good for you or does it get in your way of good decision making?  Here are some EGO tips to help you succeed:

If you define your ego as confidence, then it’s probably a good thing, right?  You need to have confidence to make decisions in the first place, ergo the ego benefit.  But can you have too much confidence?  If you Read more